July 2022

Lego bricks


Lessons from Lego

Jesus often used a parable, a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, to teach the people. He chose common things and situations in life, with which people were familiar.

Recently one of our younger speakers (we are a lay community with no paid ministry) used this method when he taught us how we could take such lessons from the very popular plastic construction toy – Lego.

He gave us 10 lessons we could learn from using Lego.

For example (in very abbreviated form):

1.Every set has a valuable piece; don’t take anyone for granted

2.Nothing is permanent in this world; it’s OK to start over to make the right changes.

3.You may have to break down the good to build the great; we forget we need to make sacrifices to be better.

We can take any part of our lives and learn lessons from it, no matter how mundane!

And the Bible is the best instruction kit we can have.