Taree Christadelphians

We welcome you to share in our enthusiasm and gratitude
for the life-changing Gospel message found in God's Word the Bible

*Sunday worship - 11:00am St John Ambulance Hall, 16 Douglas St, Taree, 2430

(*Please note that due to renovations to the hall, our services are being held online and in homes until further notice. For more information please contact our secretary on 0422 767 408)

Our mission is to praise & serve God, endeavouring to show His grace
and to manifest the love of Jesus as we reach out to others,
inviting them to be part of God’s kingdom family;
and to provide a loving, growing haven where we can encourage
and nurture each other in our lives and worship,
regularly reading the Bible, until Christ returns.

Spiritual Reflection


Israel countryside


Abraham had some ‘good news’!

God made several promises to the man named Abraham:

From him would come a great nation.

Through his seed all nations of the earth would be blessed

His descendants would inherit the land of Canaan forever.


(You will find these promises in Genesis 12:1-3,7; 13:14-17; 17:8,22:16-18 and confirmed to his son, Isaac, and grandson, Jacob, in Genesis 26:3-5 and 28:13,14.)

If you look into these verses and compare Scripture you will find the heart of the gospel message: the blessing that would come through Abraham’s descendant, Jesus, who would be a blessing to all who accept him and who will one day return to Jerusalem and to his people …forever.

What is most exciting is that we can be part of those promises!

Long ago, Scripture knew that God would make non-Jews right with himself by believing in him. He announced the good news ahead of time to Abraham. He said, "All nations will be blessed because of you.".. The promises were given to Abraham. They were also given to his seed… All of you who were baptized into Christ have put on Christ… You who belong to Christ are Abraham's seed. You will receive what God has promised. 

( Galatians 3:8,16,27,29)