September 2021

red sandhill in Queensland


Seeing God in creation

In our last spiritual reflection, written while travelling outback Queensland, Australia, we pondered on how our God is always available if we take time to be with Him.

After reading the reflection a friend made the following comment:

“The outback is a great place to think of the artistry of God and his love of diversity. It always helps me to put us and our wants in another dimension.”

This is so true. Here in these vast spaces the words of the final chapters of Job (from chapter 38) come alive where God speaks of His creation and how it is sustained by His power.

The outback is filled with wonderful and diverse wildlife – kangaroos, emus & brolgas (to name a few) & myriads of other birdlife; it abounds in miraculous plants which survive the drought and burst into colour after rain – God’s garden; it has channels where rivers join to fill a flood plain after rain and revitalise the land;  it contains God’s palette of colours – red, orange, purple, green and the vast expanse of blue sky with amazing sunrises and sunsets, not forgetting the dazzling colours of opal and other gems taken from the ground; it can be filled with the sounds of countless birds or one can experience true and utter silence where you feel alone with your God.

It is so good to be able to stop and reflect on God’s creation. He created colour, sound and life. Can we respond as Job did?

Job 42:5:  My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.