Meditation. 6.8.2017. Devoted Lives (Acts 2)

Three thousand new believers, determined to start a new life in Christ, were baptised. The decision to make a change in your way of life is easy. It is carrying it through that can be difficult. So these new believers devoted themselves to four things to help them concentrate on living the new life.

  1. They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching. This meant a new set of beliefs, new principles to be guided by, to teach, discuss and think about. It was a positive base for their new life.
  2. They devoted themselves to the fellowship. They realised that to be successful they needed the support of like-minded believers to encourage them and help them in the way.
  3. They devoted themselves to the breaking of bread. This was the way Jesus said he wanted to be remembered. “Do this in remembrance of me,” he said. (Luke 22 v 19) Regular meeting for breaking bread keeps our focus on Christ.
  4. And they devoted themselves to prayer. Without the help of God we will flounder. Prayer also keeps us focused and gives us strength.

If we, like the early believers, devote ourselves to these four things, it will greatly help us in our life in Christ.


This meditation is taken from the book ‘Thinky Things’ by Robert Prins. Used by permission.

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