Meditation. 14.10.2017. Keeping in the ship


Paul was a prisoner in a ship sailing to Rome. It had been a voyage 

of disaster. They had only just started out on the 2nd stage of their

journey when a storm hit. The storm was so bad that they had to

tie the ship together to keep it from falling apart, they threw the

cargo overboard, then the ships tackle overboard. No one ate any-

thing and the storm lasted 14 days.


Finally they figured they were near land and threw out the

anchors. The sailors tried to escape by lowering the lifeboat into

the sea but Paul said, "Unless these men stay with the ship you cannot

be saved." (Acts 27 v 31) The soldiers then cut the ropes and the

lifeboat was washed away. After that Paul made everyone eat and

said that God had reassured him that all 276 of them aboard

would be safe, although the boat would be lost.


It all happened as Paul said.


There are many lessons right through this chapter, but the one for

today is this, unless we stay with the ship we cannot be saved. Our

ship is the church or ecclesia. We need the FELLOWSHIP of other

people; we need their encouragement, and we need their help to

get us into the kingdom. We also need to do our bit to encourage

and help other people to get to the kingdom. It is a long and dan-

gerous swim to get to the shore and we can't make it alone. We all

need the help and fellowship of each other. So I urge you, Stay

with the ship.


This meditation is taken from the book ‘Thinky Things’ by Robert Prins. Used by permission.

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